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Cow Ghee Makhana Pack of 5 and Ragi Cookies

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Product Description:

Besht Roasted Makhana are a tasty and a healthy snack option for the smart snackers of today. An Ideal Alternative to Deep-Fried Snacks, the Cow Ghee and Sendha salt Roasted Makhana are tasty yet make for a light snack in the middle of the day, with a classic balanced feel and flavour of the snack.


  • improve liver health by increasing the blood flow in your body.

  • It helps in Promoting healthful bacteria in the digestive tract.

  • It Builds healthy bones, teeth and maintains bone mass .

  • It Helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Benefits Of Ragi

  • It Boosts Nervous System Function.

Cow Ghee Makhana Pack of 5 and Ragi Cookies
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